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Yolo FloodSafe

Aerial View of Woodland
Photo depicting flooding in the Woodland area in the spring of 1999.


"Minimize the risk from flooding in western Yolo County while enhancing water supply, ecosystem integrity, recreation, and community values."

Click here for a more detailed mission statement

The YCFC&WCD is taking a leadership role in the jointly-funded $600,000 effort. Program manager and water engineer, Fran Borcalli is overseeing the new division dedicated to flood and storm issues and flood control planning activities. In addition to working on flood control solutions, developing a sustainable funding mechanism is a priority so that the collaborative efforts for flood control management will continue after the 2-year pilot program ends.

An Integrated Effort: floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program
The floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program emerged from the Yolo County IRWMP in response to citizens' concerns related to public safety and property damage associated with flooding from Cache Creek. The YCFC&WCD is the lead partner identified in a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Woodland and the County of Yolo to develop and implement the floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program. Click here to view the Program's organizational links

Accomplish the Task: Program Work Plan
The program's main objective is to minimize the threat of damage to property from flooding and to improve preparedness and response in the event of a flood. The floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program takes a holistic approach; broadly considering policies regarding land use and habitat enhancement as well as building and maintaining physical structures such as levees and bypasses. Click here for more information about the Work Plan

Has Cache Creek ever flooded?
Click here to view maps of Cache Creek flooding events

1st Annual Report
Yolo County, the City of Woodland and the District are pleased to present the first Annual Report for the floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program. The floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program is an effort to meet the challenge of protecting property during a flood event, while maintaining the benefits that flooding brings to our soils.

Click here to view the report (9.8MB)

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