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An Integrated Effort: floodSAFE Yolo, Yolo County IRWMP, floodSAFE California

The floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program is integrated with, and shares the goals of both the Yolo County IRWMP, and floodSAFE California, which are regional and state efforts to provide effective flood management. floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program represents the flood element of the Cache Creek Integrated Project of the IRWMP and also addresses flood management issues related to the Sloughs, Canals and Creek Management Integrated Project. The IRWMP was developed by the Water Resources Association of Yolo County, a consortium of public entities including the YCFC&WCD, the County of Yolo, the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters and Woodland, Dunnigan Water District, UC Davis and Reclamation District 2035. These agencies worked diligently and cooperatively for four years to create the IRWMP, which was adopted in July 2007. The IRWMP serves as a guide for local water management policies and projects. The plan is also a necessary requirement in qualifying for many State funding opportunities.


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floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program Organizational Structure

The Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District has partnered with County of Yolo and the City of Woodland in a two-year pilot flood management program. The Program Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from each of the partners. The PAC coordinates Work Plan activities with other IRWMP Integrated Projects, stakeholders, and local, state and federal agencies under the guidance of the Program Manager.


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