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Yolo FloodSafe

Cache Creek Flood Event: January 27, 1983
Cache Creek Flood Event: January 27, 1983

Program Work Plan

The floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program is integrated with, and shares the goals of both the Yolo County IRWMP and floodSAFE California, which are regional and state efforts to provide effective flood management. This flood management program takes a holistic approach, broadly considering policies regarding land use and habitat enhancement as well as building and maintaining physical structures such as levees and bypasses. The program's main objective is to minimize the threat of damage to property from flooding and to improve preparedness and response in the event of a flood.

If you have questions about the work plan, please contact Fran Borcalli, Program Manager fborcalli@ycfcwcd.org

Work Plan Tasks

The Work Plan focuses on a geographic area including the Cache Creek and Westside tributaries to the Colusa Basin Drain and the Yolo Bypass. The outline for the Work Plan details tasks under several categories:

  • Program Management
  • Public Outreach
  • Flood Emergency Preparedness
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Flood Hazard Mitigation Projects Planning & Development
  • Projects Implementation and Maintenance
  • Program Administration & Funding

View Work Plan Outline

Justification for Work Plan Tasks Implementation

In March 2008, the Program Advisory Committee approved four Work Plan tasks as initial priorities. The memorandum details the desired result, measure of success, relative significance, description, budget, and duration of each task.
View Work Plan Tasks Implementation Memorandum

Program Advisory Committee

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meets monthly to discuss and assess planning activities to further the Pilot Program Work Plan. The Committee is comprised of representatives from each of the MOU partners - the Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, City of Woodland and County of Yolo. The PAC coordinates Work Plan activities with other local, state and federal agencies and local stakeholders.
View PAC Agendas and Status Reports

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